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10 tips for a job interview

We would like to share tips that will be useful to consider when attending a job interview. Every day we get people who say they are prepared for the position they wish to apply for, however, before attending  a job interview, you must be prepared so that  the interview is a success and even better get  the job. So, here are  these 10 tips you should consider attending a job interview.

Top 10 Tips for a successful interview

  1. BE INFORMED: Do a search of the company that you’re interviewing for, do Internet searches on it’s main activities, also investigate about the vacancy, so you can answer questions from your interviewer more easily.
  2. BE ON TIME: First impressions are everything, you must arrive on time, preferably 10-15 minutes before your interview, this speaks of your sense of responsibility. If they make you wait before the interview, most likely it’s to assess your ability to work under pressure, once the interview begins, always be friendly and arrive alone, avoid bringing children, friends or your boyfriend / girlfriend because it can be distracting.
  3. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Okay, you’re on time for your interview … How clean are your shoes? … Your image is one of the most important factors we interviewers evaluate, always dress professionally, and in accordance to the position you are applying for. It is not necessary to always go for an interview premiering your outfit (this can be counterproductive if you’re not comfortable or if new shoes bother you), what is essential, is wearing clean shoes, shirt, tie. It is important that all elements in your outfit are well kept, clean and pressed. In women it is very important not to wear heavy makeup and plunging necklines. With men his shoes should always be clean, hair is very important not to carry too much gel or too extravagant hairstyle for women. And please, no white socks and black trousers!
  4. ADDED VALUE: Study your possible answers, ask yourself why do you need the job? Because you want it, because you are the best choice to fill that vacancy, and make sure that during the interview you highlight the strengths that you think are your added values over any of the other prospects.
  5. BE HONEST: On several occasions, the prospect forgets that we have your resume in our hands and that our duty is to study and analyze the person, to know who is the best prospect, therefore DO NOT LIE, the information included in your CV, must be truthful and verifiable. Be honest and consistent with your answers, if you lie on the skills you have, everyone will realize in the short term that you aren’t who you say you are.
  6. BE CALM: Believe it or not, we are very aware that you need work, there is no reason to be nervous, think about every answer you give, take your time and express yourself calmly. Listen to each question carefully, and if something is not clear, politely ask to have the question repeated or explained in a different way. This is way better than responding incoherently.
  7. ASK QUESTIONS: You are smart and you retain all the information that’s impressive, but please, ask questions. Make at least 3 questions that you can ask during the interview, so that way, you show your interviewer that you are paying attention to the interview and really are interested in the job. Questions may be related to the position, the following steps and on the company itself.
  8. DO NOT CRITICIZE: While it is an unwritten law, in the HR environment is not well seen that the applicant speaks ill of his previous job, this might make you come off as disloyal or conflictive, plus, you never know when an interviewer might know someone at that company and check facts.
  9. DO NOT TALK TOO MUCH & WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE: Avoid talking too much about your personal life during the interview, instead, speak of any aspects of the job and watch your language, do not use slang, much less bad words, even if they give you confidence. If the interview is in another language, try to answer everything in one language without mixing it with your native tongue.
  10. BE GRATEFUL : Thank your interviewer for the time given and consider yourself as a potential candidate for the position. You must show interest and appreciation.

I hope these tips are useful, keep in mind to always smile and act with confidence and sincerity.