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Your call center operation’s back home and your budget is tight?

Back from overseas, my budget is too tight, now what?

After making the decision of bringing back your call center operations from overseas to the US, you have full control of your performance back home, right? But your budget is still too tight? One of the best options is looking around for something closer to home (nearshore), who can handle this, maybe the alternatives seem limited but fortunately they’re actually really good, stop looking, Tijuana is the option. Why Tijuana? The industry of Call Centers in Mexico has grown in the latest years, specifically this location thanks to Innovation processes, high quality standards and excellent customer service skills.

Tijuana just might be the best choice for an American company, especially when their customers expect to be treated like they’re used to, the city has a large pool of bilingual talent who not only speak both English and Spanish fluently, but are bi-cultural, this means that a lot of people in Tijuana understand and live, both the American and Latin Culture, this happens on each interaction over both sides of the border, because persons of both nationalities live, work, study and socialize on either side almost equally,  plus the media plays an important role on these interactions.

Regarding Call Center services the city has more than 20 years of experience in the industry; also the city was on the forefront of the evolution of Telemarketing into the Call Center, thanks to the creation of a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) voice and data were integrated on each call and introduced automated reporting. Now, once again the industry has evolved from Call Center into the Contact Center; the available communications channels to interact with final users has grown to include V.O.I.P. Chat, email, SMS and social Media and others, now, technological integration in the Contact Center is simpler. All this time Tijuana has been attending to a wide variety of calls in English for United States customers in different industries like Telecommunications (wireless, home and commercial landlines), airline reservations, car rentals, travel and leisure, insurance, financial, retail, medical devices, Internet DSL support and many others. 

Tijuana contributes to the world’s Innovation thanks in part to it’s work of over 30 years in the manufacturing of different types of products and devices; the city is considered “The TV Mecca” due to the fact that it produces up to 20 million units per year, there are plants of many different companies in the city like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Vizio, Insignia, Foxconn and many more.

Regarding Quality, the city is supported by more than 30 years of experience delivering manufacturing products and services, due to this activity and the quality with which this is accomplished, Tijuana covers 100% of the US market demand that may follow a series of processes and quality standards that are satisfactory and fulfilling to clients.

If you are looking to reduce cost and keep your budget, Motiva Contact Centers is the option for your business, our operations are located in Tijuana and have the best bilingual English-spanish personnel to pamper your customers,  for more information please contact us in the US at 800-280-7319.