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Higinio Sanchez as a keynote speaker on the Avaya Evolutions Event

Higinio Sanchez our Chief Executive Officer will be a keynote speaker in the Avaya Evolutions event on Sep 1st, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. He will talk about “How a brand can be managed on Social Media”.  Nowadays Social Media is very much in vogue thanks   to  the  mobility  that  Smartphones  allow.  In  this  forum  Mr.  Sanchez   will  discuss  important points such as Customer Care over the  social  media  24 / 7,   attended   by   bilingual   agents

(Spanish-English), time of response, and how you can take control of your brand strategy and build a strong legion of customers, relationships and voices.   Your products, services, employees and industry are changing at a rapid pace, moment by moment tweet by tweet.  Word Of Mouth (WOM) is more important to your business than ever, as viral marketing can either be a boom or bust to your business or your project.

Now the world is changing and shifting, so you have to listen and pay attention because:

  • The crowd is there.
  • They are already talking about you.
  • They are talking about your competitors.
  • Getting and giving direct feedback may be important.
  • You can, or your community can, provide important answers.
  • It can happen wherever or whenever, it’s mobile.