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Mexico more competitive than China

World Economic Forum 2013

Joseph Stiglitz the economy Nobel Prize winner, last week said in Davos, Switzerland in the “World Economic Forum” that “Mexico is more competitive than China”, we can interpret this for business logistics for companies in the US can save a considerably percentage in cost if they outsource their projects to Mexico, and save around 30 to 40 % in labor cost, transportation and taxes.

This is where you can save now regarding cost, but what about the lost in translation procedures or broken language communication, it must be so hard for an American Company to try to explain their procedures and policies to countries from overseas and you’ll be lost in translation, in Mexico situations like this are rare, we are more transparent, because in Mexico we understand the US culture specifically  cities in the north placed in the border like Tijuana which is really close to the San Diego airport, we speak fluently the English and this city have the exchange to other foreign country than no one in world.

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