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MOTIVA in Innovative Tijuana

For the second time MOTIVA was part of Innovative Tijuana, the most important business event in Baja.

The event went from October 11 through October 21, in the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT).

Last time personalities such as Al Gore (Nobel Peace for his work in climate change activism), Larry King, Biz Stone (Twitter co-funder), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-funder) and many more participated as key note speakers.

They honored the city with their presence and were part of the other Tijuana, the one that maybe one doesn’t hear much often. A multicultural, hectic and wonderful place of working people, good restaurants, contemporary art and cultural activities.

This year was no exception with conferences like “Past, Present and Future of Technology” with Steve Wozniak, Blake Mycoskie (founder of Toms shoes) with the conference “Responsible Capitalism and the Future of Business”, Maurizio Corbi (Senior Designer of PININFARINA) with the theme “Automobile trends and design technologies”, and many more.

Also on the innovative side Eduardo Guizar a NASA collaborator, lead the project “Aerospace Mission”, with collaboration from high schools and universities of Tijuana, with the group of 80 collaborators comprised of students, industrial engineers and a university professor they launched the two satellites to the stratosphere, between 100,000 and 120,000 feet high, the balloons were expected to burst resulting in the satellites’ free fall until the parachutes deployed starting their hour-long descent, the same day the satellites were launched they were recovered.

Once again we’re proud to be part of the greatness of Tijuana.