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Proven Processes

Processes are the steps with which a company or organization operates. This series of steps establishes d how to prepare certain activities, so we can deliver results, services and products in a timely manner as well as who will be responsible of carrying them out.

If we go back to the eighteenth century with the division of labor, Adam Smith became aware that once you divide activities into blocks of simple tasks, each worker would become more specialized and efficient in their work and noted that labor was 240% more productive.

Later on, from the Industrial Revolution, we inherited the concepts of organization, planning for companies and group activities.

Henry Ford implemented the Assembly Production Line, because he realized that more cars could be assembled in a shorter span of time if the vehicle, rather than the assembly worker, moved from area to area.

Nowadays,  activities are divided by department or team, so we can facilitate the process of communication, identify what and who will perform the activities of certain processes, and depending on the complexity of the project,  the specific tasks and delivery times can be established. The question we need to answer is: What it is that a contact center has processes in place? Companies can define processes and people responsible for each task (who and what to do), and thus enable them to establish open communication and more efficiently planned activities.

Note that in these times of economic crisis many companies have downsized therefore the remaining employees aren’t just performing their primary activity, but also are undertaking responsibilities from the downsized areas. And that is why when you hire the services of a call center, it’s worth taking a look at their processes, organizational structure and the responsible parties for each designated activity. Because rest assured,  that if they do not have processes in place, response times and delivery will not be.