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In this holiday shopping season interact with your consumers The importance of engaging with your consumers these holidays

In this holiday shopping season interact with your consumers through different channels like reaching out to them by phone, email and social media, this last one is quite challenging because the use of mobile devices is on the rise, and more and more people do transactions through their Smartphone or tablet.

There is a study from Google about the 2012 Christmas shopping dynamic, were it shows that 54% of consumers started making their purchases since Halloween and will be doing it during Thanksgiving  week, 46 % will spend more time selecting gifts and it’s due to the economic climate. Many purchases will be made by consumers through the Internet from tablets and Smartphones.

Some stores already implemented QR codes placed right on their products; these codes can be used in a number of ways, like for example if a certain toy runs out, the customer can scan the code and purchase it directly through the Internet. Other stores are equipping their staff with tablets to support consumers with questions on the spot or if a product is sold out, they can make the order via internet and keep the sale.

Retail stores must build a greater engagement with their customers online, at the point of purchase as well as, on social networks, because it is well known that there is an ever increasing demand for consumers to be heard, to be more in touch with retailers and brands, to have doubts and questions answered about the products or services, they purchase, more so during the holidays.

Consumers value certain brands and this is because these have become part of their life, part of their identity and personality, and if those brands are not listening to those loyal customers, the competition is going to do it for them; you can start by asking questions like: How are you engaging with your customers? Are you and your customer are on the same channel? What kind of engagement do you have with your customers? Is your customer service fulfilling it’s purpose? Is your customer service provider is the right one for you and your customers?