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How we can help you provide better service for your customers Insurance administrator success story

A southern California insurance administrator was challenged with staffing issues.

Every day thousands of policy holders would call in to pay their latest insurance installment, process endorsements or receive general customer service assistance and most, if not all, would encounter long hold times which could end up resulting in missed or late payments and even suspensions that could’ve been avoided.

Working alongside the CEO, we:

  • Redesigned the scheduling and staffing model
  • Compressed the classroom portion of the new-hire training, favoring more direct on-the- phone experience and reducing the learning curve in addition
  • Designed and implemented an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to assist more customers effectively outside of regular business hours.

All of this in a completely secure environment where the insured’s financial information is concerned, achieving a perfect security record.

As a result calls handled increased 197% from the beginning of the year to the end of 2012.

The CEO’s productivity expectations were successfully met, calls handled and payments processed, increased by, and the range of call types handled was expanded.