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Is Outsourcing the Best Decision for your Company?

The decision to outsource part of your business operations requires you to consider both your long term and short term goals. If you’re a business owner, you have to conduct a well- calculated research of the perks and risks involved in the process. When you outsource your business, you place the present and the futureRead more »

Why outsourcing your Customer Care service is a good idea

Why outsourcing your Customer Care service is a good idea. There’s nothing better than to have tasks delegated, to have your staff field every follow-up call, every email to be replied to in an organized, efficient manner. But what about the overhead costs implied with having to hire the right people for the job? OutsourcingRead more »

Mexico more competitive than China

World Economic Forum 2013

Joseph Stiglitz the economy Nobel Prize winner, last week said in Davos, Switzerland in the “World Economic Forum” that “Mexico is more competitive than China”, we can interpret this for business logistics for companies in the US can save a considerably percentage in cost if they outsource their projects to Mexico, and save around 30Read more »

Call Answering services

If you’re looking for the best option to keep providing quality service on your calls to your customers, and uninterrupted connection?  it is important for you to identify on your call center provider if it has a robust technology platform, so you can have a clear communication, continuous and close relationship with your customers, youRead more »

MOTIVA in Innovative Tijuana

For the second time MOTIVA was part of Innovative Tijuana, the most important business event in Baja. The event went from October 11 through October 21, in the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). Last time personalities such as Al Gore (Nobel Peace for his work in climate change activism), Larry King, Biz Stone (Twitter co-funder), JimmyRead more »

How to choose your call center service provider Which of these partners would you rather dance with?

Many companies are going though this challenging choice. With a dance partner your choice only lasts for the length of the song, when choosing an outsourcer it lasts much, much longer. If you are lucky your partnership can last years and will be the right choice for you and your outsourcing partner. Marking the right choiceRead more »

In this holiday shopping season interact with your consumers The importance of engaging with your consumers these holidays

In this holiday shopping season interact with your consumers through different channels like reaching out to them by phone, email and social media, this last one is quite challenging because the use of mobile devices is on the rise, and more and more people do transactions through their Smartphone or tablet. There is a studyRead more »


The impact that next generation smartphones and mobile applications will have on customer care. A lot is said nowadays about the here and now, however, if anybody out there has yet to embrace this premise, you’d do well to start. Communication is becoming more and more accessible everyday as well, any user can connect fromRead more »