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Co-Sourcing Program Our co-sourcing program leases our work stations to your company, so you'll be in control of your program

Offering access to turn-key facilities, technology and HR services so you can manage programs with minimal investment and time to market.

  1. You could rent the work stations to reduce cost and take care of your operation. This includes a whole equipped work station (desk, chair, computer and telephone).
  2. There are additional services we offer like hiring, training, payroll and technology.

Setup times

We’ll have you up and running in 90 days!

The co-sourcing program offers you unprecedented freedom to setup, manage and operate a facility.

You’ll be ready to-go with technology and infrastructure quickly.

Lower risk

Easy entry and exit, quality, redundancy of telecommunications, power, technology, efficiency and effectiveness of labor force. These are the keys to value!

There are some aspects you should consider before investing in an in-house call center:

Consider Build-it or Buy VP Program
Investment Transparent Transparent
Total cost of ownership Transparent Transparent
Contract None Yes
Flexibility Low High
Risk High Low
Ownership Upfront Open / Closed ended
Brand and sign Client’s own Client’s own