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Why use Motiva as your call center solution?

At Motiva Contact Centers, you can save up to 30 to 40 % off on Call Center services with a low risk turn-key solution.

No need to go overseas to find a cost-effective call center with premium quality, we are the closest you can be to the US without actually being there.

We value the customer you worked so hard to get and that’s why we focus on performance through people, process and technology. At Motiva Contact Centers we achieve and align ourselves with your business, your customers, success, growth, performance and value.


With these cost- savvy services, you can reduce your customer service cost without risking quality and performance. Motiva has already made the investment for you; no need to worry about the CAPEX. You will see the savings within the first month.


Our main asset is our people. Well trained and highly educated call center agents who speak English – Spanish, they can take care, empathize and speak the language of your customers.

Due to our geographical location next to San Diego California, our agents have grown up with the American culture, which provides you peace of mind with the fact, that they do not only speak the language but cross the border frequently during the month for shopping, movies or school. 

This is a unique feature with Motiva Contact Centers.


When it comes to technology, Motiva spares no expense. Our Avaya Aura platform is the newest telecommunication solution in the market.

This allows our customers to integrate seamlessly to our facility and run your program accordingly to administrate, monitor and operate thru your guidelines.

With integrated workforce and quality tools, gives us a leg when optimizing resources and monitoring quality on daily basis. With our technological solution, we have erased borders and made call routing transparent, secure, effective and most important; reliable.


The beginning and the end of every activity in our company is entwined with simple steps but continues to be true to the core.

The most important thing to accomplish with every client is the continuous improvement through planning, execution, monitoring and feedback. Our proven process is very much present in all of our areas of expertise including sourcing, hiring, training, quality and operations.

Through our proven and documented processes we focus on the end result and delivery for our clients.

Added Value

We support you with our 20+ years of experience in all types of customer service and tech support programs; this allows us to provide clients with a unique solution that integrates with trust, reliability and delivery.

Because what matters most is your customers’ satisfaction.